Frequently Asked Questions
Required Documents

Other Documents Filing under LLP Act
Rs.2,500/- and onwards*

-- Every LLP is required to submit documents to communicate
  the changes made or effected in management, business,
  terms of LLP, address etc.,
-- Documents and Charges varies with Nature of Change.
-- Download the List of Documents required for Submission.
-- Courier the Documents, or
-- Our Representative collects the Documents from you
  at a convenient time and place
  ( Services available in selected cities)
  ( At present in MUMBAI and PUNE)
-- Clarification or additional information will be called on
  by Mail or Fax, if required.
-- The Forms will be prepared in the Department's format
-- The duly validated forms will be mailed to you for signature
  and uploading, if uploading is to be done by you; or
-- The Forms will be mailed to you for approval and signature
-- on receipt, the Forms will be uploaded on your behalf.


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* The Charges excludes Government Registration Fees, Stamp Duty payable  and other incidental expenses required.




As the Forms are required to be uploaded on the Department's website using User Name and Password, you need to share the User Name and Password or the file generated will be mailed to you and you need to login and upload the same return on the Government's website.